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Sharing the Back Country since 2011


Come join us for an exhilarating drive-your-own-team OR fully-guided experience on Dunckley Pass in the Little Flat Tops winter wonderland.  We can always offer a guided experience, but most people find they can learn to drive a dog team with our sound coaching.  During the orientation and out on the trail guests enjoy learning about mushing, too!  Please note when you book if you would like a fully guided experience!  Guests get involved in everything from harnessing and hooking up the team to the care of their teams of dogs for the duration of the adventure. Our trips head out on our scenic backcountry trail, stopping at our wall tent secluded deep in the Routt National Forest.  Here we will let the dogs rest and guests will warm up and enjoy some complimentary homemade snacks and hot beverages while taking in the views.  After the break, snapping photos and taking care of the dogs, we will head back to the trailhead, enjoying the dog power! (Add the photo package for $65 at check out, find details when checking out!)


DRIVE YOUR OWN TEAM FORMAT - Adults are encouraged to come in pairs, as teams are typically assembled for one driver-one passenger, with a driver switch at the half-way point.  Kids under 95 pounds will go on a guided sled where they participate fully with professional supervision. Paired adults are offered one driver switch per excursion. If people come with an odd number, we will put a group of three on a double driver sled, where one passenger rides and two people team drive a larger team, again with a driver switch half-way. In this scenario one person gets extra drive time, but there is not an odd person out. If an odd numbered person would prefer to drive his or her own team, the driver must pay the adult price x two, as seats and driver positions always sell out. We can fit up to four children on guided kid sleds and it's often the more the merrier!


Please call with any clarifying questions.

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FULLY GUIDED SLED FORMAT - If guests would prefer to relax and enjoy the scenery, or have limitations that would make driving a dog team or participating fully undesirable, we can always gladly offer a fully guided excursion.  No more than two adults can fit comfortably in a guided sled. Very small children can always ride together with an adult in a guided sled.


Guests who would like a guided excursion will still go through the safety orientation, which includes instruction on harnessing and hooking up the team as well as mushing down the trail.  If guests would prefer to have a longer trail and just ride in the sled, please book a private excursion or a dinner tour.


Please call or email with any clarifying questions.

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