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Dogs for Adoption 

This page is always changing! Please call or email and plan to come to the kennel if you are interested in adopting a Snow Buddy!



3 year old spayed female AK/Siberian Husky

Sweet Little Squirt is just that, sweet and little - Kinda too little to be much of sled dog, despite having a great desire to run and a lot of heart. She tries too hard and has been plagued by coming and going small injuries, just irritating enough to keep her off the pulling roster more of the winter than she's on it.  We would love to see her go to a loving and active home instead of riding the bench here. 

She is crate trained, runs beautifully in harness when she's healthy and seems interested in the house.



9 year old spayed female Alaskan Husky

Havoc is a cool dog.  She ran Iditarod with Travis Beals of Turning Heads Kennel in Seward, AK before her semi-retirement here.  She's incredibly smart and athletic, she's very affectionate and she's got an on and off switch that's handy for someone interested in a mature dog who can lay by the fire one minute and jump up to run 20 miles the next. 


She gets along with all humans and dogs and is crate  trained and house broken.



8 year old spayed female AK Husky

Gus is really a special dog, and she will require a very special home if she is to leave us.  She has been here all her life and she's become a fixture here.  Gus is a really funny dog and she loves living her hybrid life here where she's not quite retired and not quite a pet.  She gets along with all other dogs and has not shown aggression toward our cat, Margret Scratcher.


12 year old neutered AK Husky

Elivs is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime dog, but since he's getting up there, we are going to have to let him go up for adoption.  He ran too many Iditarods with Linwood Fiedler to count, he's eternally happy and gets along with all dogs.  He will need a yard, a dog friend and living outside is probably best.  He might be hard to house break at this stage in his life, though he's crate-trained.

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