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Dogs for Adoption 

This page is always changing! Please call or email and plan to come to the kennel if you are interested in adopting a Snow Buddy!



9 year old spayed female AK/Siberian Husky

Sweet old Holly still gives it her all out there, but she can't keep up when the trail gets fast.  She's ready to retire to loving home. Holly loves kids, has a very gentle demeanor and would be OK to go to a home with her as the only pet or with another dog.  She is crate trained and house broken.


10 1/2 year old neutered male Siberian Husky

Adopting Chubb to a home will be a challenging thing for us here, as Chubb has lived here since he was 6 months old. He came from Yellowknife, NWT and he's really a stunning dog.  He is not terribly into people, though he's not unfriendly.  Chubb comes alive when he is with other dogs, so Chubb has to go to a home with at least one other dog, ideally another Snow Buddy.



10 year old neutered male AK Husky

Doc is really a special dog, and he will require a very special home if he is to leave us.  He retired from our friend Dave Dalton's racing kennel in Healy, AK.  Doc is a really funny dog and he loves living his hybrid life here where he's not quite retired and not quite a pet.  He does not like kids.  He is on the fence about other dogs sometimes.  


8 year old spayed female AK Husky

Pippen is really a sweet girl and she is a hard worker, but when she grabs your leg for a hug and looks desperately into your eyes, it's hard not to imagine she's begging for a dog bed in front of a fire... anyone?

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